Buck Lake Conservation Area

Entrance Sign Observation Tower

A brand new observation tower has been constructed on the eastern shore of Buck Lake. It's about 1 mile from the parking lot at the western entrance. You can't miss it. Just follow the trail signs for Buck Lake Camp. 

View from Observation Tower Buck Lake View


Located in southern Volusia County and northern Brevard County near Mims, Florida.


From I-95 exit 81 near Mims, go west on State Road 46 for about .75 miles. The access road (Blake Lee Trail) for the eastern entrance will be on your right. If you stay on State Road 46 and go another 6 miles,  you can get to the western entrance which will also be on your right.


Buck Lake has 4 primitive campsites: Old Timer's Camp, Freshwater Camp, Owen's Crossing Camp and Buck Lake Camp. All are equipped with fire rings and grills.  Buck Lake and Old Timer's are the only campsites equipped with pitcher pumps. Make sure you treat the water.

Note: Each campsite is limited to 6 people on a first come, first served basis. No reservation or fee required.

Buck Lake Camp Freshwater Lake Owen's Crossing Camp

For lake side views, be sure to check out Buck Lake Camp, Freshwater Camp and Owen's Crossing  Camp. Don't forget to bring bug spray.  

Old Timer's Camp  

Only Old Timer's campsite offers a place to sit down and relax. It also has a picnic table and a place to prepare food. 


Red TrailheadRoad

Buck Lake has approximately 15 miles of marked trails following mostly old dirt roads through open pine flatlands and marshlands. Except for a few soft spots and some mud holes, the roads are general in good condition. You can either hike in from the western entrance or the eastern entrance. Both have plenty of parking, but there are no restroom facilities or water at the trailheads.

From the western entrance, you can follow a red blazed trail out to Buck Lake's observation tower. It's about a 1 mile hike and the views are quite spectacular. If you continue following the trail it will eventually form a loop and intersect with the white blazed trail coming in from the eastern entrance.

The length of the red trail is 6.4 miles, which includes the side trail going out to Buck Lake. Total round trip distance from the western entrance is 8.6 miles. The white blazed trail is 6.7 miles long and its round trip distance from the eastern entrance is 8.2 miles. Shortest distance, if you were to hike from the western trailhead to the eastern trailhead, is about 7.2 miles.

There's also a yellow blazed loop trail (meant for foot traffic only) that branches off the white blazed trail a short distance from the parking lot. It's about 1.3 miles long and heads towards the far eastern sections of the conservation area.



Probably the first thing you'll see and hear when you hike in from the eastern trailhead are the Osprey's nesting high up on top of the power poles. Then you'll probably notice all the tortoises this place has. Lots of them. They like hanging around the trails, so try not to disturb them as you walk by. 


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manages hunting at Buck Lake. For up-to-date information on regulations and current hunting schedules, please go to MyFWC.com.
Hunting Schedule 2012 - 2013
Archery Sep. 22 - 30, Oct. 6 - 12
Muzzle Gun Oct. 26 - 28
General Gun Nov. 10 - 18
Small Game Dec. 1 - 16
Wild Hog - Still Jan. 3 - 6, 17 - 20
Spring Turkey Mar. 16 - 19, 20 - 24


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Tarflower Day Flower Blueheart

Tarflower, Day Flower and Blueheart

Ground Cherry Coral Honeysuckle Powderpuff

Ground Cherry, Coral Honeysuckle and Powderpuff

Cherokee Rose

Cherokee Rose and Pricklypear Cactus

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I saw an interesting sight while I was at the Buck Lake observation tower. A group of students were trying doing some sort of rescue out on the lake. Judging from the picture below, it looks like they saved a canoe.   

Canoe Rescue 

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