Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area

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Canaveral Marshes is located in west Brevard County near Titusville, Florida. 


The trail head on State Road 50 is about 3 miles west of Interstate 95.  It's directly across the road from the St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge entrance.


Canaveral Marshes has over 5.0 miles of trails available for hiking, biking and horse back riding. These trails are maintained by the Florida Trail Association.

Addison Trail Wet Lands

Trail section along Addison Canal offers terrific views of the marshes along the St. Johns River. 

Addison Canal Addison Canal

Two foot bridges are available for crossing the Addison Canal.

Ear Tag Dead Cow 

Don't be surprised if you come across dead cows lying on the trail.  They seem to be quite common here for some reason.

Fish Hole

It's a little bit off the beaten  trail, but you can find this beautiful manmade lake in the northeast corner of Canaveral Marshes next to State Road 50. Used to be an old borrow pit at one time. Not too many people can get to it, so it's very clean and unspoiled.


The Addison Canal (also known as the Ellis Canal) was dug in the early 1910's by the Titusville Fruit and Farmland Company. No one is sure why the canal was created. Some say it was meant to be a waterway connecting the St. Johns River with the Indian River. Others believe its purpose was to drain off the marshlands in order to make way for agriculture and land development. Luckily, for the environments sake, the canal was never finished. Equipment failures and very dense coquina rock forced the company to abandon the project.


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Spanish Bayonet Rose of Plymouth Coastal Mock Vervain
Spanish Bayonet Rose-of-Plymouth Coastal Mock Vervain
Helmet Skullcap Canadian Toadflax Lyreleaf Sage
Helmet Skullcap Canadian Toadflax Lyreleaf Sage

Sand Vetch

Sand Vetch

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