Free Flowing Artesian Wells

Tosohatchee use to have a lot of free flowing artesian wells until the St. Johns Water Management District began plugging them several years ago.1 There was one over by the large barn in the Beehead Ranch area that use to flow out of a verticle culvert pipe and into a water trough. Other ones were located at Duck Field Pond, Turkey Camp, Bumby Camp and Walt's Camp.

There are still a few that exist. For example, there's one over by coordinates N28 28.741 W80 55.792 near Jims Creek. It looks more like a spring rather than a free flowing artesian well. I could definitely smell the stench of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide gas). The water flowed into a small shallow pool covered with leaves and stringy sulfur slime, before making its way down a long winding run back to Jim Creek. I tried to feel around the mouth of the outflow for a pipe, which would tell me it's an artesian well, but unfortunately nothing like that was found.

Flowing Well Site in 2009 Sulfur Slim in 2009 Outflow of Flowing Well in 2009

This is probably the "flow well" identified on George McCulloch's map near Bonnet Holes and Whetrock. Using the Public Land Survey grid on the map, I was able project the location of the well to within 300 feet.

Flowing Well near Jim Creek

To get to this spot you can use the aptly named Flowing Well Trail or come across Jim Creek from the old Mud Lake Canal area like I did. I think you'll be better off using the trail. Jim Creek was a bit wet when I tried it.

Foot Notes

  1. For more information on St. Johns Water Management District's artesian well plugging program, click on this link.




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