What's New
21-Nov-2013Wekiwa Springs is now on the Boonies list.
21-Nov-2013Revised Rock Springs Run. New topo map and trail data now available.
8-Nov-2013Topo map and trail data as been updated for Seminole Forest. Includes the new Blueberry Trail.
26-Apr-2013The FNST in Forever Florida has been rerouted near SR 441 and Brousard Road. Trail data has been updated..
20-Apr-2013New access trail from Fox Lake Park has been added.
12-Apr-2013The FNST in the Little Big Econ State Forest has been rerouted near Snow Hill Road. Trail data has been updated.
20-Dec-2012Mills Creek Woodlands is now up-to-date. Includes new maps and write-up.
14-Dec-2012Hal Scott has been update with new maps, photos and hiking information.
12-Dec-2012Updated Little Big Econ State Forest. Includes information on a recent trail change near Lockwood Blvd.
2-Nov-2012Updated maps to include latest reroutes in Charles H. Bronson State Forest.
15-May-2012 Salt Lake has now joined our growing list of Boonie sites.
11-May-2012 Revamped the web page for the Little Big Econ State Forest. All new maps and trail data.
1-May-2012 River Trail completed in the Charles Bronson State Forest.
20-Mar-2012 Fox Lake Sancturry added. Brand new area. Check it out!
19-Mar-2012 Updated Split Oak Forest. Added new maps and updated the trail data.
12-Mar-2012 Updated camping section for Charles H. Bronson State Forest
20-Jan-2012 New trail route in Seminole Ranch.
19-Jul-2011 Three Lakes has been updated. New topo map and up-to-date trail data.
23-Jun-2011 Bull Creek has been completely overhauled with all new information.
4-Jun-2011 Seminole Ranch has been updated including new maps and photos.
24-May-2011 Check out the new Google Map of Tosohatchee. It has both trails and Panoramio photos.
16-May-2011 Charles H. Bronson State Forest is now online.
03-Dec-2009 Updated Indian mound section for Tosohatchee.
02-Dec-2009 Updated maps and trail data for Seminole Ranch.
23-Oct-2009 Farles Prairie is now online. 
22-Oct-2009 Black Hammock is now available.
22-Oct-2009 Trail data and maps are now available for Forever Florida and the Crescent J Ranch. 
21-Oct-2009 Updated trail data and maps for Tiger Bay.
22-Sep-2009 Updated Lake Monroe. Added new group campsite and history section.
14-Sep-2009 Updated the Indian Mounds section under Tosohatchee. 
05-Sep-2009 A couple of more historic sites have been added to Tosohatchee.
31-Aug-2009 Added a new face to the home page. Each page now has links to the previous and next place including a link back to the home page.
21-Aug-2009 Updated Tosohatchee. New history and hiking section added. Wikiloc maps now available.
03-Jul-2009 Updated Three Lakes. Added new topo maps. GPS data includes new reroute.
01-Jul-2009 Updated Avon Park Bombing Range. Included more pictures and GPS data.
03-Mar-2009 Chandler Slough has been added. More pictures and map options are now available. 
15-Feb-2009 Updated aerial map for Lake Monroe. Also added new topo map showing trails and campsites.
02-Feb-2009 Kratzert has been merged into Lake Monroe. More information on hiking and camping has been added for both sites.
30-Jan-2009 Information and trail data on Mills Creek Woodlands is now available. 
16-Jan-2009 Updated Enchanted Forest. Now includes trail descriptions, more pictures and GPS data.
12-Jan-2009 Replaced the guest book. Too many people were trying to hack into the other one. Old log entries were copied over. 
11-Jan-2009 Updated GPS data for Little Big Econ. It now includes the new Florida section to between the Flagler Trail and Brumley Rd.
09-Jan-2009 Updated GPS data for Lake Monroe to include the new yellow trail.
08-Jan-2009 Updated photos for Lake Proctor. Also added GPS data.
05-Jan-2009 Added GPS data for Little Big Econ.
04-Jan-2009 Added GPS data and aerial map for trails in Merritt Island Refuge
03-Jan-2009 Updated photos for Geneva Wilderness. Also added GPS data.
01-Jan-2009 Added GPS data for Fort Drum.
01-Jan-2009 Updated GPS data and maps for Bull Creek to include new sections of the trail. Added more photos.
11-Dec-2008 Updated Three Forks. Included more information on camping and history. Lots of new pictures.
23-Feb-2008 Juniper Prairie is now available. Stay tuned for more Ocala National Forest sites.
24-Jan-2008 Updated trail data, general information and added new pictures for Prairie Lakes. 
30-Dec-2007 Updated trail data, conditions and general information for Kicco.
13-Nov-2007 Updated trail data, conditions and general information for Triple N Ranch.
04-Nov-2007 Updated trail conditions for Buck Lake. Thanks Joel!
03-Apr-2007 General information, maps and trail data are now available for Tiger Bay.
16-May-2005 Updated trail map for  Hickory Hammock. New equestrian center in the works. 
09-Mar-2005 Boney Marsh is now available.
17-Jul-2004 Updated information for Prairie Lakes. New flowers added. GPS data is now available.
19-May-2004 Uploaded GPS data for Bull Creek.
18-May-2004 Updated trail map, hiking information and added more pictures for Buck Lake.
29-Apr-2004 Updated trail map for Bull Creek. Now includes new connector trail and route changes.
28-Apr-2004 New guest book is now available. 
17-Apr-2004 Trail rerouting and new cross-over trail at Bull Creek.
28-Mar-2004 New foot bridges and road improvements at Bull Creek.
18-Mar-2004 Moved the Out in the Boonies website to a new server with more disk storage. Also the web address has changed. It's now called www.outintheboonies.com.
06-Mar-2004 Backpacking adventure out at Bull Creek.
31-Jan-2004 New fees at Tosohatchee.
27-Jan-2004 Added Avon Park Bombing Range.
27-Jan-2004 Updated Little Big Econ (new fees & bridge closure).
04-Jan-2004 The Arbuckle Tract is now available. More info will be added later.
03-Sep-2003 Updated maps, trail conditions and added a few more pictures for Seminole Ranch.
04-Aug-2003 Corrected information for Hickory Hammock & Kissimmee Prairie. Thanks Mitchmom!
23-Jul-2003 Updated conditions at Hal Scott. New bridge is finished. Two new wells dug near the campsites. 
03-Jun-2003 Changed aerial map links to Terraserver-USA.com
30-Jan-2003 By request I've added information on Hickory Hammock. 
18-Nov-2002 Created another geo-cache site at Tosohatchee.
11-Nov-2002 Trail maintenance and unusual sightings at Tosohatchee.
02-Sep-2002 Inspected trails in northeast section of Bull Creek. 
15-Aug-2002 Updated hunting schedules for the Wildlife Management Areas.
08-Jun-2002 Updated Tosohatchee. Hoot Owl Inn is gone. Youth Camp relocated.
11-May-2002 Great Outdoors closed to hikers. New lake picture for Canaveral Marshes.
28-Apr-2002 Some updates were made to Three Forks. New observation tower at T. M. Goodwin.
22-Apr-2002 Added descriptions and more photos to Split Oak Forest.
03-Apr-2002 Updated trail conditions and map for Canaveral Marshes. Included more flowers.
10-Mar-2002 Started working on Split Oak Forest. Trail map is available.
18-Feb-2002 Finished mapping the trails at Hal Scott. Updated maps are now available.
17-Feb-2002 Added Billy Bob's Pickup Truck Geocache site to Tosohatchee.
03-Feb-2002 Added Bee Head Ranch Geocache site to Tosohatchee.
30-Jan-2002 Updated trail maps and conditions for Three Forks.
24-Jan-2002 St. Francis Trail information is now available. 
16-Jan-2002 Updated trail map (included Red Trail section) and conditions for Hal Scott.
01-Jan-2002 Updated Tosohatchee trail conditions. Added more flowers.
28-Dec-2001 Rock Springs Run is now available.
23-Dec-2001 Information on Seminole Forest is now available. 
28-Nov-2001 Malabar Scrub is now available.
25-Nov-2001 Updated Little Big Econ (new fees & trail closures).
24-Nov-2001 Geneva Wilderness Area has been added.
14-Nov-2001 Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is now available.
04-Nov-2001 Added GPS data for Tosohatchee. Scanned in new trail map. Updated conditions.
21-Oct-2001 Updated trail maps & conditions for Sebastian Bluffs.
14-Oct-2001 Fort Drum trail conditions updated. More flowers added.
12-Oct-2001 Updated Three Lakes. Now includes info on the southern section.
08-Oct-2001 Updated aerial map & trail conditions for Prairie Lakes.
07-Oct-2001 Updated aerial map for Triple-N-Ranch.
01-Oct-2001 Heart Island has been added.
27-Sep-2001 Kicco is now available.
24-Sep-2001 Updated pictures in Fort Drum area.
16-Sep-2001 Bull Creek status: The day after Tropical Storm Gabrielle.
08-Sep-2001 Updated hunting schedules for the Wildlife Management Areas.
03-Sep-2001 Updated Orlando Wetlands.
19-Aug-2001 Revisited Tosohatchee.
12-Aug-2001 Updated Triple N Ranch. More land was purchased.
11-Aug-2001 Bull Creek trail conditions updated.
28-Jul-2001 Bull Creek trail maintenance finished. New non-potable water source.
23-Jul-2001 Lake Proctor Wilderness Area is now available.
21-Jul-2001 Jane Green campsite condition and more trail clearing at Bull Creek.
14-Jul-2001 Bull Creek trail status plus more flowers.
08-Jul-2001 Bull Creek trail maintenance update.
06-Jul-2001 Kissimmee Prairie is now available.
01-Jul-2001 Updated Bull Creek.
24-Jun-2001 Blue Cypress in work.
23-Jun-2001 Merritt Island Refuge in work.
20-Jun-2001 Updated trail conditions, maps & information for Tosohatchee.
10-Jun-2001 Updated maps & pictures for Seminole Ranch.
03-Jun-2001 Updated maps & pictures for Seminole Ranch.
31-May-2001 Buck Lake is now available.
21-May-2001 Little Big Econ is now available
19-May-2001 Trail conditions updated for Seminole Ranch.
15-May-2001 Orlando Wetlands is now available.
06-May-2001 Three Lakes is now available.
02-May-2001 Enchanted Forest in work (more pictures & maps coming soon)
28-Apr-2001 Added trail map for Canaveral Marshes
21-Apr-2001 Triple-N-Ranch added (mapping in progress)
15-Apr-2001 Updated pictures, trail map and conditions for Hal Scott
08-Apr-2001 Maps added to Three Forks
07-Apr-2001 Sebastian Bluffs added (mapping in progress)
01-Apr-2001 Maps and pictures of Fort Drum are now available.
30-Mar-2001 Maps and pictures of Prairie Lakes are now available.
15-Mar-2001 Added aerial maps and photos of Tosohatchee (south of SR520).
28-Feb-2001 New inside pictures of Hoot Owl Inn were uploaded.
18-Feb-2001 Updated trail conditions in Tosohatchee.